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Carbon Map update

It’s now a few weeks since we published the Carbon Map and we’ve been thrilled with the response. So far we’ve had around 100,000 views, 5,000 shares (including the Guardian version), dozens of suggestions and offers of data, and write-ups … Continue reading

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Introducing Kiln and the Carbon Map

Today sees a mini trio of launches. Robin Houston and I have just published our Carbon Map, a website that explores climate change responsibility and vulnerability using a newly developed type of interactive moving map. That site is the launch … Continue reading

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Catching up

Having abandoned this blog for a couple of months, I thought I should quickly write a catch-up post to justify the interruption in service and get myself back into the swing of things. So although I don’t really approve of … Continue reading

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Australia and Czech Republic join the race to create nuclear energy from thorium

I’ve written quite a few times for the Guardian about liquid fluoride thorium energy: first we introduced it as part of the Manchester Report; then we noted when China got excited about the technology. Next we reported on the launch … Continue reading

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Spotting the second spring

My Guardian colleague Juliet Jowitt wrote the other day about nature being fooled into a ‘second spring’ by the warm autumn. This morning I saw an almost spooky manifestation of that phenomenon: an ornamental cherry tree in east London in … Continue reading

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Making sense of climate targets

Just posted a Guardian backgrounder on climate targets, as part of our big FAQ project. It was interesting to write – not just to clarify a few details for myself, but also to realise quite how hard it is to … Continue reading

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