*Nods to Gruber*

Hello world and all that.

Welcome to MinorMass, the blog I’ve been meaning to launch for years.

The main reason it’s taken me so long to get started is that, unlike most wannabe bloggers, I’ve already got some great platforms for writing, including the Guardian, where I work as a consultant editor and writer.

But while it’s a pleasure and a privilege to write for the Guardian on my favourite topics – including environment, climate change, energy and technology – I also wanted a space where I can be a bit freer to explore ideas in depth, get stuck into some data and detail, or just post a link with a line or two of commentary.

My immediate inspiration for that combination of proper posts and annotated links is John Gruber’s Daring Fireball. I can’t stand the name and, despite being a long-time Mac user, I find the idea of anyone writing about Apple products all day just a little repulsive. But nonetheless Gruber’s site is wonderfully crisp and tight: neatly conceived, deftly written and nicely designed.

I wanted to see whether it’s possible, interesting and/or fun to do a similar kind of site for my areas of interest. Like Gruber I expect to mainly be outward facing, but also to jot down thoughts and experiences about whatever projects I’m working on at the time.

I’ve downloaded WordPress, grappled with css and php, and here’s the result. I expect the design to evolve in due course, but in the meantime, here goes…

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