The Rough Guide to Community Energy – my new little book, gratis to anyone who wants a copy

The Rough Guide to Community Energy Cover My little book on community energy schemes is now freely available online and in printed form.

“Community energy” is something of a buzzphrase at the moment, but if you want to set up a project yourself – whether it’s a street-scale energy-saving scheme or a thousand-person hydropower cooperative – it can be hard to know where to start. The Rough Guide to Community Energy, which I co-wrote with Malachi Chadwick, was created to help, providing advice on everything from setting up a local carbon-reduction group to fundraising for megawatt-scale wind systems.

Thanks to financial support from M&S and delivery support from 10:10, the book is being distributed for free. You can get a copy here, either by downloading the PDF or requesting a free printed copy.

What struck me when working on the book was how much great stuff was already happening on community energy around the UK. My co-author Malachi did a great job of gathering case studies from existing projects, some of which are genuinely impressive and inspiring.

Do grab a copy and see what you think – and pass it on to anyone who might be interested.

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