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Is it ever okay to fly to Scotland?

A friend wrote to me recently, asking the following question: So I want to go and visit my friend in Aberdeen for a weekend. I can take the sleeper, which I would much prefer, but which is far more expensive … Continue reading

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Four reasons why I caused the riots – and what it all has to do with biodiversity

As I lay awake earlier this week listening to the sound of police helicopters above my Hackney street, I found myself thinking about ecosystems. I’ve been reading a bit about biodiversity recently, and one of the recurring themes is that … Continue reading

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Q: What gets an even worse deal in the press than climate science? A: Renewable energy

Originally published on A few weeks ago I blogged about the impact the Hackgate scandal might have on coverage of climate change. My thesis was that while News Corporation was a crucial pedlar of junk science in the US … Continue reading

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